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Your Insurance Advisor finds, compares, and offers a range of health insurance products from reputable carriers on the market. Whether you need comprehensive health plans for you and your family or supplemental coverage to add to your existing policies, we’ve got you covered.

Best Health Insurance Products In Your Insurance Advisor Fort Wayne, IN

Health insurance provides timely access to healthcare services and gives financial security should a medical emergency strikes. Here at Your Insurance Advisor, we assist with both Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant and private health insurance plans and have a huge network of carriers but still allow you to choose your preferred doctors and hospitals.

Vision and dental insurance plans supplement your standard health insurance policy and help pay for many procedures, including routine check-ups, treatments, and surgeries. Our licensed agents can help you find the best combined dental and vision plans to save you money and simplify your policy. We have no network restrictions, which means you can visit any eye doctor or dentist you prefer.

Vision and Dental Insurance Is One Of The Best Health Insurance Products of Your Insurance Advisor Fort Wayne, IN
Your Insurance Advisor in Fort Wayne, IN Home Care Insurance

Home health care plans are ideal for someone aging, managing chronic illnesses, needs assistance to live independently, has special needs, and is recovering from hospitalization. If you’re looking for affordable home health care insurance to secure your future or protect your senior family members, we can help you choose the plan that offers the best value.

Supplemental plans can cover many medical expenses your primary health insurance policy cannot pay. Here at Your Insurance Advisor, we can guide you in navigating the confusing landscape of supplemental plans and ensure you have all the knowledge and expertise to pick which additional coverage to buy. Whether you need Accident Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance, you can count on us.

One Of The Best Health Insurance Products In Your Insurance Advisor Fort Wayne Is The Supplemental Coverage Plan
Stay Protected and Save More with Medicare Supplement Plans of Your Insurance Advisor in Fort Wayne, IN

Want to bolster your Original Medicare policy for enhanced coverage? Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Medigap, are the answer. At our firm, all our agents are knowledgeable about the different Medicare Supplement plans and are happy to provide you with unbiased information, advice, and quotes so you can select the plan that best fits your situation.

Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) is an all-in-one policy that covers hospital insurance (Part A), medical insurance (Part B), and often prescription drug coverage (Part D). We at Your Insurance Advisor will guide you through enrolling in this convenient plan so you can enjoy all the Medicare benefits you know and love. Our agents will ensure that you get the package that fits your coverage needs.

Medicare Agents Near Me In Your Insurance Advisor Fort Wayne, IN
Your Insurance Advisor Fort Wayne, IN - Prescription Drug Coverage, Medicare Drug Coverage

Medication costs keep on rising. Lower your expenses and protect yourself from high prescription drug prices with Medicare Part D. Not sure whether this product is right for you? We are happy to enlighten you on what Part D plans can offer and discuss your options, so you can make an informed decision. Medicare Drug Coverage covers most outpatient and maintenance prescription drugs.

As we grow up, all we want is peace of mind. Life insurance can give you that and more. It allows you to build your wealth and save your loved ones from devastating financial losses when something unfortunate happens to you. Life insurance plans can be tricky but worry not because Your Insurance Advisor is here to supply you with the necessary knowledge and match you with the policy that suits your unique situation.

Your Insurance Advisor in Fort Wayne, Indiana for Life Insurance
Your Insurance Advisor in Fort Wayne, Indiana for Annuity Plans

Whether you wish to receive a lifetime of guaranteed income or want to grow your savings quicker, buying an annuity plan is worth the investment. Annuities give you the financial freedom you deserve during retirement. At Your Insurance Advisors, we can talk through the different annuity types and help you select which one can meet your retirement goals.



We will take the time to understand your needs.

Every client is different. Our veteran agents will listen to you and get to know you better so we can find the perfect policy for your unique situation.

We will look for the plan that best fits you.

We will search through our network of health insurance providers and present the plan options that will give you your needed financial security.

We will stay with you until the end.

Once you have chosen a plan from our proposals, we will guide you through the purchasing process and continue to stay by your side even after your policy is active.

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